In May 2019, Federal Cabinet, which met under the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan approved 100 billion ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’ to economically empower youth.

Since the day, PM Imran Khan Came into Power, the voters of PTI and youth of Pakistan are waiting for a change, they want such a massive change which pull-out the corrupt culture from society. People of Pakistan are eager to see a new and changed version of the country.

The youth of Pakistan is very talented, but due to lack of oppurtunities and support from govt, most of the talent either find there way in foreign countries or sidelined by our harsh “Parchi mafia”.

In this situation, the “kamyab Jawan Program” is like a beacon light for those who just need funds for a startup plan, and only finance is the biggest hurdle in fulfilling there dreams.

These new businesses will create employment, as well as help to strengthen the economy of the country. It will make youth self-employed and overcome inflation and joblessness.

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Program Detail

Under the Kamyab Jawan Program’, youth can get a loan from Rs 100,000 to Rs million. 25 percent of the loan will be granted to women.

Under the program, youth can get a loan from Rs 100,000 to R 5 million in two categories. In the first category banks will provide loan up to Rs 500,000 at six percent mark-up with lending equity of 10 percent of the amount applied.”

Under the second category, an applicant can get loan up to Rs5 million at a mark-up of eight percent and an equity ratio of 20 percent.

PM Imran Khan Establishes the first Youth Council of Pakistan.

A piece of advice for Govt.

First and foremost for the success of this program is transparency, Loan schemes were also initiated by the previous Govts, but nobody knows who got benefit from those loans.

So firstly these loans must reach the deserving youth. Secondly, the return policy of the loan and the markup rate should be lenient.

Thirdly beside providing loans, Govt should mobilize SMEDA to guide the new startup with Updated plans and provide the market know-how, where required.

SMEDA should also provide training and arrange confrences to get the new businesses equipped with international standards.

Govt should also encourage manufacturing and R&D in new technologies. Certain policies should be adopted, which will benefit the exporter and they feel guaranteed and safe in manufacturing and export.