Unveiling the truth of Francesca Marino

Francesca Marino is an Indian funded journalist, who writes on the anti-Pakistan topics as and when required by Indian intelligence agency RAW, her Italian origin and disguise of a foreign journalist make her writings acceptable for the Innocent readers and newbies.

The Italian journalist Francesca Marino initially came into the spotlight after she interviewed Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafeez Saeed in March 2010. The interview is also included in her book – Apocalypse Pakistan – Anatomy of the most dangerous country in the world, the book reflects her biased views about Pakistan.

She is the Chief Editor of Stringer Asia, an online magazine on South Asia, since 1995 and also on panel writer for India’s Firstpost. She is also playing a key role in Indian Propaganda movement against Pakistan, focusing Balochistan.

She is also backing a Blog @ True121, you can find heaps of lies here at this blog, the sole purpose of the blog is to misguide the rest of the world and to divert the attention from the Human right violation of Kashmiris by Indian Army in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

In her latest article

Francesca’s wrote that around 130 to 170 terrorists were killed in the airstrike. Balakot reportedly had the biggest JeM training camp in Pakistan.

In her report, the Italian journalist had also explained that the killed terrorists included 11 trainers.

“Despite Pakistan‘s efforts to deceive the world on the Indian airstrikes on the Jaish-e-Muhammad camp, small details of what happened in Balakot in the wee hours of February 26 and thereafter have kept trickling in from my source,” Francesca wrote.

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Who is Francesca Marino?

Nobody knows her until she wrote a book against Pakistan back in 2010 and later on with her anti-Pakistan activities. She belongs to the class of the journalists, which only work for the funded agenda and have no code of conduct or SOP to follow. Such Journalists deceive the mob their followers and readers just for fame and money.

truth about francesca-marino
It’s not Joke, A Seminar held in New Dehli on Balochistan (2018).

She Came to Pakistan with a plan in 2011, but she was not welcomed here and were deported back

Maj General Asif Ghafoor tweeted in his personal twitter account

“keeps enjoying a self-defeating fallacy conceived in absentia. We know the writer. Her book “Apocalypse Pakistan – Anatomy of the most dangerous country in the world” was also published in India. She writes for GFirst Post( India).”

If you google her name, all search results highlight her connections with Indian backed anti-Pakistan agenda and Indian media is the most prominent reason for her fame. Her only marketing agent is Indian media because she is the product of India, If they don’t promote her, nobody buys her lies.

This picture is self-explanatory, all of us know who is Mama Qadeer and where is he now?

A brief introduction of Mama Qadeer, for those who don’t know him.

“Later on, in September 2015, Mama Qadeer was allowed to leave Pakistan. After that, he left for India and continues to live there. In an interview with News 18, Mama Qadeer asked the Indian government to provide them ‘with weapons, so that they can kill their enemies”.

The twitter account of Francesca Marino is full of anti-Pakistan tweets. One wonders, what is the concern? and reason of interest for a foreign journalist? in Indo-Pak politics and the issues which are purely Pakistan’s internal affairs?

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Actually, She is on a paid task and writes according to the wish of her masters irrespective of the ground truths and the realities.

Check out Few tweets from Francesca Marino, and you certainly know “who is speaking”.