what saipem 12000 is doing in Karachi

Many People ask a Question that”what Saipem 12000 is doing in Karachi sea?”So this article is an answer to all those who want to know about Saipem 12000, Actually, It’s a 6TH Generation Ultra Deepwater Drill-ship, ENI has chartered Saipem’s drillship ‘Saipem 12000″ for work in Pakistan for an undisclosed day rate.

A joint venture formed by Eni, Exxon, Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL)and Pakistan Petroleum Limited is planning to spud the Kekra-1 exploration well in the block since January 2019, using an Eni-chartered drillship.

The operator of the block, ENI (an Italian company working in Pakistan’s upstream sector since 2000) has chartered Saipem 12000 rig/ship to drill the exploration well, located 230 kilometres southwest of Karachi.

The joint venture has been formed by ENI, ExxonMobil (that has come back to Pakistan after nearly three decades), Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL), and Pakistan Petroleum (PPL) to spud the Kekra-1 exploration well.

Officials said the government was committed to extending all possible facilities to the companies interested in carrying out offshore drilling activities, including Customs duty exemption on the import of offshore drilling equipment, as Pakistan was in dire need of a major gas and oil discovery.

Experts believe there are massive hydrocarbon reserves offshore that would be sufficient for 50-year needs of the country.

Topline Securities in a report said companies and government officials were calling the exploration endeavour a possible “game changer” for Pakistan, which meets up to only 49 percent of its oil and gas need, in barrels of oil equivalent, through local production.

Analyst Nabeel Khursheed of Topline Securities said, “Some are calling the anticipated discovery to be even bigger than the Sui field (currently second biggest gas field after Mari with current production at around 400mcfd or 10 percent of total gas production), as the block was estimated to be rich in gas reserves.”

Gas flow from Sui when at the prime stage was as high as 800 mmcf/day of gas, whereas the reserves of the field were around 10 to 12 trillion cubic feet. When found several decades back it was 7 to 8 trillion cubic feet of gas.

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“By or before April 2019, the companies will be in a position to assess the potential hydrocarbon flows from this offshore drilling along with their economic viability. Setting up the necessary infrastructure to make hydrocarbon flows commercially available can take 3-5 years,” he added.

Offshore success could be a real game changer for Pakistan E&Ps, as offshore Indus G-block falls under the ‘Ultradeep’ Zone-0 price mechanism. It has been estimated that at Arab Light Crude $60/bbl, the gas from Indus-G would be priced at $7.2/mmbtu with additional $1/mmbtu as an incentive for first three discoveries in offshore area, as per Petroleum Policy 2012 (PP12).

what saipem 12000 is doing in karachi

Saipem 12000 Specifications

This massive Drill-ship was designed and Manufactures by Samsung at Samsung Shipyard in 2010,

it has Variable deck load capacity of 20,000 t,

it has Four (4) NOV knuckle boom cranes, rated capacity 85 st.

also equipped with Four (4) mud pumps NOV 14-P-220 2,200 HP each Fluid end working pressure 7,500 psi WP.

The Drill-ship can drill up to the depth of 35,000 ft (10,660 m) .

Marine Traffic shows Saipem 12000, before coming to Pakistan was moored in Las Palmas. The vessel moved to Las Palmas following an unsuccessful drilling campaign in Morocco where Eni failed to find hydrocarbons in its Rabat well.

Prior to drilling in Morocco, Eni had used the drillship for operations in Cyprus, however, it opted to move the rig away from Cyprus after the Turkish navy had prevented it from drilling at the Block 3.

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