Summer season heat-weather

Summer has begun and according to specialists weather conditions are likely to be extreme this year.

Summer comes with more illness than winter because it is dry as well as hot. Usually, hot weather is difficult to tolerate, there comes uneasiness with a lot of sweat, in this condition maintaining physical energy is very important.

In addition, heat stroke is also the most vulnerable in hot weath er ,an affectedffected person suffers from severe sweat and dizziness. Blood pressure decreases significantly and the patient is slow and depressed, such a person should be moved to the hospital immediately. Otherwise, it is a waste of life.

Summer is coming ,take care of birds
take care of birds : Summer is coming.

Important Instructions For Hot Weather.

Contrary to the hygiene principles, do not use any items because there is a lot of caution in the summer diet. Unhygienic diet can prove to be harmful to all.

Nutritionists say that use of poultry and oily food should be abandoned in summer and do not use non-standard and “Chat Pati ” food for “Dhabaas”.

Summer Fruits :Melon and cucumber

Also, maximize the use of fruits in which the amount of water is high and their effectiveness is cool. Jaman, mangoes, grapes and melons are the best fruits of this season. Apart from this, cucumber, watermelon, and lukat are very useful and effective in moderating physical temperature.

Use the most of fresh juice in the drinks, syrup of Falsa,and lime water are most effective.

Face Protection.

The face skin is very delicate, direct exposure to Sun rays in extreme weather makes our skin vulnerable to lot of risks.

Therefore, wash the face 5 to 6 times with cold water and pour water on your eyes. Be sure to use the sunblock before leaving the sun.

Use Light color dresses in summer , sun-glasses and Umbrella in Peak Hours

Dress-up instructions

In Summer, especially wear clean and loose, comfortable cotton clothes and avoid thick clothes. White dresses in summer heat protect from sunshine, lightweight clothing is also useful, one should not wear black color in this season because sharp colors absorb the heat of the sun.

Use Summer Drinks.

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Other Protections against Extreme Summer

Avoid going outside during peak Hours of Day in summer. Use sunglasses, the Sun Rays enter directly into the human body and weakens our immunity system. Use sunglasses and an umbrella before leaving, have a bottle of water with you.

Use plenty of water in summer

According to medical experts, severe heat and direct sun rays prove to be more harmful for children and people of old age, so they should not be allowed to go out in a sunny day and make arrangements to save them from heat.

If we remain careful in Summer and follow the instructions, everyone can be able to save themselves from the adverse effects of the summer.

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