SUKKUR TO RAWALPINDI Road Trip with Complete Details.

This is a short detail of our road journey from Sukkar to Rawalpindi, the traveling took two days with one night stay, one-sided petrol consumption of 77 Ltr. My provided detail may be helpful for those who dare to travel this much distance by road.

Departure from Sukkur.

The first part of our journey was from Sukkur to Rawalpindi Via Multan, the journey started when we left home at 9’oclock in the morning. We were four family members and we have Toyota salon 1500cc.

we started our journey from Sukkur to Rawalpindi via Daharki then came Sadiqabad then Rahim-Yar-Khan and so on to Bahawalpur and Lodhran.

These all places are amazing the landscapes, fast flowing beautiful rivers and wheat fields and all the village areas by the road are quite fascinating.

The roads are fine in Sindh and as we entered in Punjab the roads were rough and broken. Then we entered Multan at 07:00 pm in the evening.

It took us 08 hours from Sukkur to Multan. Our night stay was at Multan.

There are lot of places to stay in Multan , so choice is up-to you ,I dont want to add any detail ,because it will just lengthen the writing and divert us from the topic.

One thing I like to mention here is a night stay at Multan or Sahiwal. You may manage to reach Lahore or Faisalabad ,but one night stay is a must otherwise you will be dead-tired.

Sukkur to Rawalpindi Via LAHORE

We choose this path because we have to pick our Chacho from Lahore ,but afterward we noticed that its the right decision because road condition from Multan to Faisalabad or Sargodha is not appreciable.

It may added another extra hour, but saved us from the wear and tear of vehicle and overall mental fatigue for all of us .

So it’s my advice to take this route till the time the complete Motorway is up and open for all vehicles.

In Second part of our Journey from Sukkur to Rawalpindi We left Multan @6 AM and reached Lahore around 10:30, its a pleasant journey, along with the path we saw this Coal plant at Sahiwal, it was a nice view and a new addition since our last Tour.

Main City along the way are, Khanewal, Shorkot City, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Okara, Pattoki, Raiwind and Finally Lahore.

Sukkur to sahiwal coal plant
The Sahiwal coal plant

The City of Lahore needs no introduction, the city is famous for its historical buildings and the fine taste of Lahoriiii dishes……

we also enjoyed Lahori food at a famous place in Faisal town, Chicken Karahi was really delicious, although its broiler hen and there are lots of news about the Lahori Hotels that cook unhygienic and dead chicken.

We just prayed to Allah and ate the food with the hope that its halal chicken.

After spend half n hour in Lahore around Data Darbar and left for Rawalpindi via M2 @ 12:30. Some of the glimpse from Lahore for your interest………….

From Lahore onward M2 is Familiar path for almost all of the travelers, for the beginners, it’s a straight route.

once entered you have to travel till the next interchange, where city name is mentioned clearly and you can exit according to your destination.

There are a lot of places to Visit around M2 but we have to reach Rawalpindi where our Grandmother was waiting for us, so after doing a stop for prayer at Sukheki, and Bhera and little tea-break at Kalar-Kahar, we reached Rawalpindi around 6:45 pm.

This part of Journey from Multan to Rawalpindi took approximately 9.25 hrs, I deducted the time spent in Lahore.

The total traveling time from Sukkur to Rawalpindi is approximately 19 hours (+-1) and consumption of 77Ltr of petrol in a 1500 cc Toyota saloon. ( I think it’s pretty much economical for four people and enjoyment is a Bonus.)

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