Sukkur Police Started establishing Libraries in Police Lockups.

Libraries will be set up in Sukkur Police station lockups, it will help in improvising the attitude of criminals and changing the overall environment of traditional Police Stations.

IG Sindh Dr. Syed Kalam Imam has appreciated the efforts of SSP Irfan Ali Samoo on the establishment of a library in District Sukkur Police lockup.

IG Sindh said that we will take necessary steps in order to expand this good initiative

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IG Sindh directed that the books based on Islamic information and books of Ahadees should be part of the library. It is worth mentioning that Quranic references, Ahadees Shareef, and other Islamic books have been kept in the library set up in Thanabad

In May 2018, Jhang police in Punjab also created libraries in the district Police station lockups.

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Earlier this year, an SHO in Larkana city police Station made a library inside the lockup, SHO Sartaj Jagirani is also a Sindhi Poet.

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