Sadiqabad Train Collision

The recent Sadiqabad train collision raised the no of such incidents to as high as 79. The last similar accident occurred near Hyderabad Railway Station when Jinnah express run over a Cargo train.

Apparently, all the incidents seem a human mistake, but when mistakes occur consecutively and coherently, one must investigate out of the box. All aspects should be investigated and those who are responsible for the loss of so many human lives should be brought to light and face trial.

It is not only a matter of the integrity of Railway Minister but it puts a big question mark over the governance of PTI and ultimately PM Imran Khan.

Khanewal Train Incident

khanewal Train incident

A railway official told that the coupling joining the coaches No-3 and 4 broke suddenly, leaving the running train divided into two parts. `Though such incidents happen rarely, they lead to causing operational issues on the track,` he added, seeking anonymity.

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Inquiry Report of Hyderabad Train collision

Hyderabad Train collision

“The preliminary inquiry concludes that the collision of 31-Up Jinnah Express in the rear of the goods train between Kotri and Hyderabad stations was caused owing to overspeeding and non-observance of signals by the driver. Accordingly, Mr. Muhammad Chandio, driver (late) and Mr. Yasir Bashir, Assistant Driver (Late) are held responsible for the subject collision,”

The team also checked the factor of a possible terror activity used in the June 20 collision“The available evidence and discussion with some of the key witnesses suggests that this accident occurred owing to overspeeding, which should have not exceeded 15km per hour, and non-observance of auto signals by the driver of Jinnah express,”

The report also notes defective operating planning by the Karachi control office as one of the causes behind the accident.

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History of Inquiry reports in Pakistan.

As much I remember, never ever any inquiry committee or commission gave a judgemental report about the incidents, either it is a murder or an accident or a corruption case. Every report gives a vague conclusion with plenty of loopholes, real culprits get benefit from this and accident repeats.

Just look around, dozens of minor sexual assault cases, corruption cases, murder cases are open & unsolved, inquiry commissions remain busy in inquiries and the incident repeats.

What is this ?????? Is this culture persists in new Pakistan?

The Public doesn’t need this culture in New Pakistan. The public need change, Public need solution for their sufferings and Public demands punishment of culprits according to rule and law.

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Is this a Last Train accident ?? Is it safe to travel by train ?? no-body can answer this question. Even Sheikh Rasheed looks so dishearted and helpless, he could not guarantee a safe journey by train.

Govt must look and investigate the Sadiqabad train Collision, out of the box because this belongs to a chain of accidents. It goes far above the excuse of human error.

During this investigation, some points must be specially focused.

  1. Is the investigating authority neutral enough to overrule the suspicion of any external influence?
  2. who can get benefit from such accidents?
  3. The trains are the same , same track, same drivers, mechanical and engineering staff, what change brought so many deadly accidents?
  4. Pakistan Railways has generated Rs 39.010 billion up to March 2019 which was Rs3.706 billion more than the previous financial year during the same period by winning the confidence of the passengers.
  5. The Possibility of terror activity must not be neglected.
  6. Apart from the dismissal of involved railway officials, they must be heavily investigated by a neutral authority.
  7. The Results of this Inquiry must be announced Publicly.