Petrol Price 2019

The recent hike in petrol price by over Rs 6 per liter by state-run oil marketing companies will hit the common man by increasing the cost of living leading to cost-push inflation, say experts.

Although the direct impact of petrol price hike on headline inflation will be low, the increase will have a bearing on prices of other items with rising in transportation cost

The same will apply to all businesses which require their products to be shipped from one place to another. Higher fuel prices will definitely make production more expensive therefore making every item, from a toothbrush to your regular milk, expensive.

This increase will have very bad impact on the live of “Aam Adami ” especially the private and daily waged employees. There budget and savings will be disrupted heavily.

The gap between expenditure and savings is bridged by the after-effects of the aprill joke

The public transport owners will transfer the burden on “Aam Adami”.Increase in production cost, “Aam Adami” will have to suffer the consequences. Railway and other Govt owned transport facilities will raise the fares, affecting “Aam Adami”.

If this petrol price remains constant, it will definitely affect the Electricity Bill and make the life of “Aam Adami” more difficult.

Daily consumables and health facilities will get expensive making “Aam Adami” more miserable.



In the Present scenario when there are no jobs for well-educated youth ,you can imagine what will be the condition of less educated and illiterate class of our society.The business and employment opportunities are getting low day by day instead of any improvement.

On the contrary, mouthwatering advertisement campaigns by national and multi-national brands are very tempting, The luxurious lifestyle of Upper-class which includes Govt officials, politicians, and their business partners bring a wave of inferiority complex for a common man.

The buying power of the middle and lower middle class is decreasing gradually.

Common man can do nothing but to do a suicide attempt or use unfair means to compete the upper class.

The conclusion is that , the Inflation will increase corruption and crime in society.

Government shall take notice of the effects of inflation and take necessary measures to facilitate the “Common man” which is more than half of the total population.