burhan Wani

Aamir Liaquat gained fame in compering TV shows then he tried his luck in election 2018 and elected MNA on PTI ticket, and now he announced that he is playing the lead role in Upcoming Ayub Khoso film on the life of Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani.

Aamir Liaquat has made this announcement in Live TV Show that he is playing role of the fallen commander of  and a Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani.The filmmaker himself has yet to confirm Mr.Liaquat’s announcement.

The critics and the fans all around Pakistan and IOK have strongly rejected this selection.

Shaheed Burhan Wani is an icon, a role model, a legacy. He is face of struggle against oppression @AamirLiaquat playing his role will tarnish his legacy and hurt sentiments of Kashmiris.
We, Kashmiris reject Amir Liaquat to play role of our hero.

A voice of Kashmir on this announcement by Amir Liaquat is quoted as it is.

Dear Pakistan, we love you a lot. Don’t hurt us this way. Our martyrs and mujahids are apple of our eyes. We sacrifice our lives to secure them from Indian army. Don’t mock our movement.

Further, the age difference between 49-year-old Liaquat and Wani, martyred at the age of 21, isn’t something that can be reconciled with physical training and a dash of makeup. Fans of commander Burhan Wani considered this film as the worst comedy and a biggest flop of the year.

Nowadays its trend in Pakistan that a soap manufacturer starts, making cooking oil and a soft cola and consumers still admire the quality, maybe its wrong but instability in every field and profession made people like Aamir Liaquat poke there noses in every fame and money-making business or its just overabundance of self-confidence.

History and Purpose behind Al-Qadir University.

Whatever is the case, Ayub khoso is a sensible man and he will never expect that his selection of lead role, ruin the investment and his career at the same time.

Ayub khoso should reconsider the selection of Amir Liaquat and he should respect the emotional attachment of people of Pakistan and IOK with Great freedom fighter Burhan Wani, and disengage this controversial character from his upcoming movie.

It’s an appeal to producer and director of this movie that Amir Liaquat is instantly declared as wrong selection and should officially be detached from the Cast of this Upcoming Movie.