Finally,Pakistan added to the Amazon seller list.

Amazon Seller List is updated and Ministry of Commerce released a Statement on social media from Amazon International Seller Services Vice President “Eric Broussard”.


“We are excited to announce that as of today, Pakistani entrepreneurs are eligible to sell on Amazon. We are eager to work with Pakistan’s dynamic business community, including small and medium-sized sellers, and help connect them with customers around the globe,”

Earlier this month Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood said that Pakistan would be added to e-commerce giant Amazon’s sellers list within the next few days.

“An important milestone of the e-commerce policy has been achieved through teamwork by many people across the globe,” he said.

Pakistan Sees Record Registration of IT Firms

Pakistan has remained off Amazon’s list of sellers despite the company’s presence in neighbouring India. Pakistani retailers wishing to sell their products on the marketplace would register their companies from other countries, in an effort to bypass Pakistan.

However, after being added to the list, Pakistani merchants will be able to sell their products on the platform with ease. But this does not mean much for Pakistani consumers; it will mostly benefit Pakistan-based merchants that want to sell their products abroad.

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Currently lots of Pakistani seller are selling there goods on amazon indirectly. They collaborate with their friends and relatives living abroad. Suppose Amazon adds Pakistan in there seller list , still the big hurdel remains for the Pakistani sellers, which is Paypal…….  paypal is the most practised method of payment on amazon around the globe and this payment platform is not available in Pakistan .


Its still long way to go , If there is no change in policies from both sides it will take months  for the Ecommerce Giant to start proper operation in Pakistan. But  absence of Paypall is quiet a pushback for Pakistani sellers , while competing the other sellers of South and South East Asia.

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