Pakistani woman opens restaurant in Swat

There was a time when militants in Swat district restricted women to their houses and banned them from formal education. A lady called Noora Ihsas has opened up a restaurant called Chai Saaz in Swat District – a first of its kind in the region.

Pakistani Woman : Noora Ihsas ,a Poetess and social worker  has opened a restaurant, the first of its kind in the region. She  established the Chai Saaz in Mingora in partnership with two other literary people.

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She said that she knew the reaction of the conservative people to her initiative but it was her passion to open a restaurant and show the people that women of the region could do every job decently. “I want to make other women realize that they can do business and earn a livelihood in a respectable manner. If a woman dares open a business, she will never be at the mercy of men and will earn with respect,”  The woman said every woman should realise that she had the power of doing every job.

first women poetess open restaurant in sawat

She said she faced many difficulties as many men said she won’t be able to open the restaurant as it was not a woman’s job.

At the same time, she acknowledged the men who had appreciated her passion and encouraged her to take this initiative, and highlighted the literary men Riaz Ahmad Hairan and Shahab Shaheen among them.

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Several members of the civil society participated in the restaurant opening ceremony and lauded her. Haji Zahid Khan, president of the Swat Hotel Association, said he was really happy to see youth come forward and do business.

“Today, it is also a very good development that a young woman has showed courage to open a restaurant. The involvement of youth in business activities will not only prevent them from negative activities but will earn them a handsome money as well.



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