Pakistani Talent : Youngest Author Marium Arif with 8 Books

Meet Maryam Arif, Pakistan’s youngest author at the age of 16, with eight published novels and two popular podcasts with a global audience.

Our beautiful country Pakistan is fully blessed with talented people who write books and others but the major problem is that most of us are unaware and cannot recognise those people. Those people are struggling to make our nation proud in the whole world but unfortunately, we don’t know them. This is the bitter reality of our society is that we do not know about the real talented side of our country.Youngest Author Marium Arif with 8 Books .

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Maryam has written three self-help books, as well as blogs, copywriting guides, children’s books, and a 50,000-word novel. She has also published two coloring books, one for adults and one for children, in addition to the eight books she has written.

Her books are:

  1. Unlimited Power: The secret of achieving more.
  2. Growth from fears.
  3. Reasons and morals
  4. Top 9 Persuasive Copy writing Techniques.
  5. Make money by blogging
  6. The Cupcake party.
  7. Travelling to the Unicorn Island
  8. Sour Blood

Despite appreciating her efforts, most people made fun of her age that no one can achieve this milestone at this age. This is what people cannot bear; others achievements. As a nation we should appreciate each other efforts but we are criticizing and making fun of each other, hilarious!
At least if you cannot appreciate then do not criticize either. We all have time to share other posts which are nothing less than wastage of time. So for God sake, try to show the world what our country has and what we are capable of doing as a nation by showing such real talent which would benefit our nation.

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