trauma and Meditation

When we try to learn a new skill or try to gain knowledge about a specific subject, we follow a guideline or a system, which demands our attention on the subject to fully grasp the knowledge within.

Through Contemplation(تفکر), Muraqba or Meditation we learn about any object, the deeper we concentrate, the more we know about the details and qualities.

Our mind is curious about the unknown subjects, its details, and all aspects. When we pay attention to the minor details, that minor point itself becomes valuable. However, when we ignore the most important part and do not pay any cognitive attention to it then even that major point loses its value and importance.


What Is Meditation?

Meditation or مراقبہ is the name of that contemplation(تفکر) through which man is able to gain the knowledge (علم), which is the primordial knowledge of his Ego, Self or Soul. After gaining that knowledge, anyone can gain access to his Ego or Soul.

It appears that the person performing Muraqaba is simply sitting in a pose with his or her eyes closed. However, merely shutting the eyes and assuming a specific pose does not serve the purpose. Muraqaba is, in fact, an angle of perception (طرزفکر) through which the person doing the Meditation frees himself or herself from outward (ظاہر) senses and begins the journey inside (باطن)


We experience the intentional and unintentional freedom from our physical senses in our daily life. For example, when we are sleeping our maternal senses are calm and quiet having no connection to our environment.

This is a temporary condition in which our physical body and its senses are quite, showing no response to there surrounding. If we impose this Condition intentionally such that we go to sleep but maternal senses are awake, we feel our surrounding but don’t respond intentionally, this is a very brief, simple and Initial description of Meditation.

we can say that Meditation is, in fact, a way of imposing a state of sleeping without going to sleep.

Every human being, from the time of birth to their death spends life in two states. In other words, in the human mind, there are two types of conditions that prevail every moment of our life.

One of these conditions or states is wakening and the other sleeping or dreaming. In the wakening state, they are trapped in Time and Space while during dreaming they are free from the confines of spatiotemporal limitations.

This freedom of Time and Space is sought through meditation by converting the state of sleeping or dreaming into an awakened state. Because during meditation, a person goes through the same conditions that he or she goes through while sleeping or dreaming.

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Benefits of Meditation

With physical exercises and a good diet, the physical health of the body can be improved, similarly, through Meditation, mental health can be controlled and optimized as required.

We are aware of the fact that thoughts and thinking play a vital impact on our body. When we are concentrated in our mind, we perform better but lack of concentration leads to failure. Happiness and fear, both start with an initial thought, the more we focus, the more we feel the influence of this very thought.

Misconception about Rest?

Rest is not a physical act it’s a state of mind. By having a continuous flow of thoughts, our energy decreases tremendously, being overly attached to the web of thoughts, the brain gets tired which results in the waste of stored energy.

We all know that mental concentration is a key to good health and that over-worrying weakens the immune system, which results in sickness. This all happens because the waste of energy weakens the immune system and various diseases then attack the body.

When a nervous system gets weak the brain becomes slow and memory is affected.


Meditation & Will Power

We cannot succeed in life with weak will power. Life experiences have shown that mental stress eventually leads to diseases and physical ailments. Mental and emotional complications directly or indirectly result in heart disease, gallbladder and kidney stones. Prolonged stress could result in a breakdown of the nervous system. Negative thinking leads to stomach ulcers, hyperacidity (acid reflux) as well as constipation.

To get mental peace most people to try those methods that often suspend the consciousness temporarily such as alcohol, drugs, and tranquilizers. These drugs do nothing but create a feeling of self-negation temporarily. These sources, not only damage health but also the nervous system and speed up the aging process.

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Mental and Physical health


Through Meditation, the parasympathetic system could be mobilized at will. Meditation brings good changes in mental health, we experience deep peace of mind and a soothing stillness. This state otherwise cannot be achieved, because the mind keeps wandering from one point to the next point and so on.
Meditation not only increases the will power but physically and psychologically numerous benefits are achieved as well. Experiences and observations have shown following physical and psychological benefits.
  •  Control of blood pressure.
  •  Increase in physical power
  • Improvement in eyesight (vision).
  • Reduction of fat in the blood.
  • Enhanced creativity.
  • Less irritability.
  • Improvement in the performance of the heart.
  • Improvement in hearing.
  • Increased immunity.
  • End of depression and anxiety
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Increase of red blood corpuscles.
  • Improved memory.
  • Better decision making.
  • End of insomnia and deeper sleep.
  • End of fear, an increase of levity.
  • An effective solution to insecurity and the fear of Future/Future Uncertainty.
  • End of enmity and jealousy.
After the success of Meditation, a person is set free from the fear of witchcraft, ghosts, and all negative thoughts.


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