7 wonders of lahore

Lahore is the Largest city in Punjab Pakistan. It’s the country’s second-most populous city after Karachi and is one of Pakistan’s wealthiest city. Besides, the socially liberal, progressive, and cosmopolitan behavior of Lahories, there are certain practices which are strangely unique among all the cities of Pakistan.

I have gathered the record of ongoing strange practices in Lahore, which are odd and interesting at the same time, for the newcomers.

Readers may disagree and if you think information is not factual, Please say so in the comment section.

“RoadSide Sadka Gosht” in Lahore.

Sadka gosht vendor at Ravi Bridge
Vendor Selling “Chichiray”for “Sadka” at Ravi Bridge

The number one on my list is the “Roadside Sadka opportunity” in the different busy areas of the city. It’s is quite annoying and astonishing.

The endless stalls of meat disposables, popularly known as ‘cheel gosht,’ along the canal are a common sight.

The stalls are set up strategically at points where the traffic accumulates in general. They pick up packets of what they call ‘Sadka gosht’ and throw them in the air for birds of prey.

The act, it is believed, wards off any unwanted incident for them.

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As they throw rotten meat disposables in the air, the birds dive towards them, sometimes diving as low as the traffic on the road. This causes not just distraction but also accidents, as the birds hit right into the car windscreens, or with a biker.

Once, I personally survived a deadly dive of a furious kite chasing “Sadka gosht”

Secondly, most vendors flock around Ravi bridge and the canal area, they throw this rotten and smelly meat disposables along with shopper, direct into river and canal. That is the second main reason for pollution in the canal.

Summer is coming and half of the Lahore will enjoy the “Meaty Bath” in the Canal.

At one side it’s adding pollution and on other, it’s disturbing the balance of nature. Kite and Crows and increasing day by day in the city area forcing other birds to leave the areas.

“Strange” Eating Norms.

Chikar chanay for nashta
Chikar Cholay: “Muddy Chickpeas”

Maybe it’s not strange but I find it very unique in a sense, that no other city of Pakistan uses this much quantity of white chickpeas “Sufaed Chana”.

In breakfast & Launch, it’s eaten with great pleasure. Locally it’s called “Chikar Chana or Cholay”. If it’s translated, it will be “Muddy Chickpeas”

In the evening while wandering around the city, one can notice “burger” and “Shawarma” stalls pop up like mushrooms in the rain. It seems everyone here eats nothing but burger and shawarma.

Just imagine the demand and competition i.e minimum price of Burger is Rs.30 and Shawarma for Rs.40.

Only in Lahore : I hope its not “Badam” ( Badam Is code for Dead Chicken)

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Lahore Main ” Doodha ki Nehar”


Actually, there is no “Canal Of Milk” in Lahore but a question which may arise in the mind of common milk consumer that “what is a source of this much quantity of milk?”

Its Still Unidentified ……….and search in Progress.

Like shawarma and burger, the minimum price of milk is Rs.50/kg. If you carry out a little survey ( I did in my area ) the average ratio of milk shops in North Lahore is 4 shops /km.

Its worth mentioning that at the opening of the new shop, people can enjoy the benefit of Free “Milk” exclusively in Lahore.

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PFA Disposing Adultered Milk in Lahore.

PFA Disposing Adulterated Milk in Lahore.

At almost every shop, milk comes in Tankers, twice a day and it’s stored in Chillers which are part and parcel of every Milk shop. One can understand the demand due to the drastic increase in population in Urban areas but it’s quite difficult to guess the source and purity of this Milk.

“Malshi Culture” in Lahore.

Foreigner In Lahore enjoying malish in Anarkali Bazar
Foreigner is enjoying Malish in Anarkali Bazar ,Lahore

Very few people know that all over Pakistan “Malshiyaa culture” originated from Lahore, anyone can say that they have seen and may have enjoyed roadside Malash in Karachi, but if you ask that “Malshi” about his origin, it turns out to be Lahore.

Malshi can be found easily around Larry adda and Railway station. In the evening they set up a roadside shop which consists of a mattress and usually five bottles of colored Oil in a famous “Malshi oil Holder”.

This oil holder holds the bottle and at the same time used as a marketing tool . i.e Malshi strike the bottles simultaneously with the holder producing a familiar sound for attracting customers.

Malshiya Magic Oil In lahore
Magic oil Holder Of Malshiyaas in Lahore.

The customers lay down on the mattress along the roadside while enjoying the magic hands of “malshiyaa” they remain updated with the pedestrian traffic alongside vehicular traffic.

Malish in Progress at Lahore Railway Station.

I hope you enjoyed this unusual read and i expect folks will add some more Qirky ways of Lahore in the comment section.

Thanks for you time.