Kalash Valley: The Remains of Ancient Civilization.

The Article is a memorable journey of the Kalasha Valleys ( وادی کالاش‎), these valleys are in Chitral District in northern Pakistan. The valleys are surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountain range. The inhabitants of the valley are the Kalash people, who have a unique culture, language and follow a form of ancient Hinduism.

As such, the Kalasha Valleys are a source of attraction for Pakistani as well as international tourists. There are three main valleys. The largest and most populous valley is Bumburet (Mumuret), reached by a road from Ayun in the Kunar Valley. Rumbur is a side valley north of Bumburet. The third valley, Biriu (Birir), is s side valley of the Kunar Valley south of Bumburet.

Hotels in Chitral

Easy way to approach Kalash valley is, via Chitral i.e night stay at Chitral and travell next morning to Kalash, Good and affordable hotels in Chitral are very rare… be careful and reach Chitral in the evening, or make a prior arrangement.

kalash Valleys

A View from Hotel Balcony

alternatively, you can find a hotel after crossing Lawari top and then travel next morning to Kalash Valley. Chitral is approximately 260 km from swat and 460 km from Rawalpindi.

Road To Bumburait

There is a road going south about 18 km before Chitral, you can see a PTDC board beside the road…….. This is a gateway to ancient civilization and leads to three valleys.

Kalash Valleys

Besides the milestones, the road going down to Ayun and finally BumBurait.

The road to Bumburait is very rough, it’s a jeep track and those who love their vehicles should never attempt this on their own vehicles, you can hire a jeep from Chitral or Daroosh, but it’s affordable from Chitral.

Alice In a Wonderland

Those who love traveling and wandering alone in a wonderland will enjoy the trip to Bumburait, the road is full of dangerous turns and narrow passages, must give a nonstop horn at every turn, two vehicles cannot cross each other at a time……so be careful……

Kalasha People are very peaceful and hospitable, but they don’t like interference from outsiders. If you have to take a photo or need fruit from the tree or have a desire to look their house from inside, you ask them …..they happily give permission but don’t attempt it on your own, without permission.

This is the picture of the main hall, where all kalasha people gather from three valleys during Spring Festival.

kalash valley

Culture of the Kalash people

The culture of the Kalash people is unique and differs in many ways from the many contemporary ethnic groups surrounding them in the northwestern part of Pakistan. They are polytheists and nature plays a highly significant and spiritual role in their daily life.

As part of their religious tradition, sacrifices are offered and festivals held to give thanks for the abundant resources of their three valleys. Kalasha Desh (the three Kalash valleys) is made up of two distinct cultural areas, the valleys of Rumbur and Bumburet forming one, and Birir valley the other; Birir valley being the more traditional of the two.

Kalash mythology and folklore have been compared to that of ancient Greece but they are much closer to Indo-Iranian (pre-ZoroastrianVedic) traditions. The Kalash have fascinated anthropologists due to their unique culture compared to the rest in that region

Some Random clicks of Valley

Hotels in Kalash valley

People of Kalash Valley are very nice and hospitable and hotels are easily available in the Valley

  1. Happy Guest House          Mobile: 0344-9701123
  2. Alexandara Hotel.
  3. Sikandar Inn                    Mobile:0340-5833301     Landline:0943-303036

People Of Kalash valley

Famous Graveyard of Kalash valley

kalasha People doesn’t bury their dead bodies and leave them open in a graveyard. Later on, they collect the bones and flush them in the river after crushing them properly.

Now its Time to have Lunch with my Host at Kalash Valley, If you like this post, please tell us in a comment and do comment if you need more information.

The land of Beauty kalash Valley

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