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How to register Sales Tax through Tax Asaan App

Tax Asaan Mobile Application

New and simplified functionality is provided under the Tax Asaan mobile application for the users to get register for Sales Tax. Now users can save time and instead of visiting RTO for sales tax registration they can simply fill in the registration form available on Tax Asaan mobile application. Tax Asaan – Sales Tax Registration feature facilities both manufactures and other than manufacturer categories of sales tax.

Soon after successful registration, the user will be able to generate bank CPR for payments of dues. However, in order to file a Sales Tax Return the user needs to get bio-metric verification within a month of sales tax registration by visiting the e-Sahulat center of NADRA.

Tax Asaan is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download and gets installed on one tap. Once installed, you can find the application icon under your mobile Apps list. Simply tap on the application icon to get started and view the home screen as shown belowHow to signup Tax asaan app


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How to Register?

Sales Tax Registration module can only be used after a successful login. Registered users can Sign-In to the application by using their individual/ AOP/ Company account credentials to register for sales tax.

Following are the steps to login/Sign-In Tax Asaan mobile application:

  1. Click on the hamburger button provided on the top right corner of the home screen to view the main menu. The application will load a left panel with a list of all available features along with the option to sign-in.

Tax Asaan App

Tap on the “Sign in” option from the left panel to navigate to the Sign-in screen as shown below Enter “User Name” and “Password” then click on the Login button to sign in as shown below. Users can use their individual/ AOP/ Company account credentials to sign in Tax Asaan.

Tax Asaan App

On successful sign-in, the registered user name will appear on the left panel replacing the “Sign In” option along with an additional option of “Sales Tax Registration” for the signed-in user as shown below:Tax Asaan App

User can reach sales tax registration page either from click on “Sales Tax Registration” menu option from the left panel or can directly click on “Sales Tax Registration” tile from the main dashboard as shown below:

Tax Assan App

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After a successful login to Tax Asaan mobile application, follow these easy steps to register for sales tax as a manufacturer. Tap on Sales Tax Registration tab, Application will redirect user on sales tax registration page.

Tax Asaan App

Select option as Manufacturing from the radio options provided as the top of the registration form as shown below:

  1. Enter CNIC and Name of the sole proprietor, authorized partner or as the case may authorized director/representative of a company. [In case the user has used individual account credentials to login Tax Asaan, this information will appear pre-filled by the application].
  2. Enter Business Name.

Tax Asaan App

Select Activity from the dropdown list as shown below:

  1. Enter Email
  2. Enter IBAN
  3. Click on the button Attach Bank Account Certificate to attach a bank account certificate.

Tax Asaan App

Click on Add/ Manage Business Address button as shown below to add a business address.

Tax Asaan App

The system will redirect the user on the “Manage Business Address” page to enter details as shown below:

  1. Select Type from the drop-down list i.e. Residential / Commercial Property etc.
  2. Select Form from the drop-down list i.e. Flat / House etc.
  3. Select Measurement Unit and enter relevant information in provided fields as shown below:
  4. Select City from the dropdown list provided on screen.
  5. Enter District.
  6. Select Capacity from the drop-down list i.e. owner / Tenant etc.
  7. Click on Take Premises Pics button to take GPS tagged photographs/ images of the business premises.
  8. Click on Take Machinery Pics button to take photographs/ images of the machinery available on-premises.
  9. You can take multiple pictures of the premises/machinery and can delete the pictures if not needed from the delete button provided in front of each image record as shown below:

Tax Asaan app

After taking a picture, click on the Save button to add the business address along with the provided images. Please note that to add a business address at least one picture/image of premises is mandatory. Users can add multiple Business Addresses by repeating the same steps. All saved addresses will be listed under the “Addresses” section provided under the “save” button.

Tax Asaan App

Click on Add/ Manage Utility Meters button as shown below, the system will redirect user on “Add Utility Meters” page.



Tax Assan App

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Select Utility Meter Type from the dropdown list as shown below:

  1. Enter the Utility Meter Reference Number in the provided field and click the “Add Meter” button to add a utility meter record.
  2. You can take multiple Utility Meters and can delete the reference if not needed from the delete button provided in front of each record of Utility Meter as shown below:

Tax Asaan App

After providing all details, click on the REGISTER button to complete the registration process for sales tax as shown below:

On successful registration, the application will load the User Application ID on the screen.

[Note: After registration, the taxpayer shall be able to generate bank CPR for payment of dues.]

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Bio-Metric Verification

In order to file their Sales Tax Returns, the persons registered using the Simplified Sales Tax Registration application, would be required to visit an e-Sahulat Center of NADRA within one month from the date of registration for biometric verification. Upon successful verification (within a month) the taxpayer shall be allowed to file their Sales Tax Returns. In case the person is unable to successfully verify within the given time they shall be removed from the (Sales Tax) Active Taxpayer List.

Physical Verification

In the case of manufacturers, the existing physical verification process (of their business premises, utility meter reference numbers and/or title deeds, etc.) would take place after registration.

In both cases (Manufacturer or other than Manufacturer categories), an authorized tax officer would be allowed to initiate a request for the taxpayer to provide any missing document or assist in the verification of any documentation/information provided in the simplified sales tax registration application within 15 days. In case the taxpayer fails to comply, they would be taken off the (Sales Tax) Active Taxpayer List.


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