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How to succeed ?? Rule of Thumb for Success.

Life is full of turns and twists, At a moment you are happy but you cannot guarantee your happiness forever. Everyone wants to be successful but only some know the meaning of success.

Everybody in this world has some milestones, everybody desires of achieving these milestones but only a few succeed. Whatever is the goal, either it’s positive or negative, the basic rule and formula for success is the same.

We stick with the prevailing meaning of Success, which is commonly counted by the wealth, health and effectiveness of an individual. Nobody cares, from where and how it came !!

The formula for success is really simple in its explanation, but as per the public opinion, its implementation and adaption needs too much effort.

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Success depends upon below factors.

  1. Concentration
  2. Determination/ Persistence
  3. Struggle



The Definition of concentration is easily understood by this example:

Everyone experience Love once in his/her life, during this period a person finds himself in trance, what he/she do, where ever he/she goes, the background thought of other person remains in his mind.

you can say that this is an unintentional concentration, but this is an inbuilt human ability and can be used for achieving your goals.

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The Determination of a person can be measured by one’s relationship with the goal. The purer and positive bond makes a person more determined. The same law applies to individual success as well as the success of Nations.

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If the seeker fulfills the above two conditions, then comes the final step which acts coincidently with the other fore mentioned two factors and a proper and collective formulation leads to success. Keep in Mind once you quit, it becomes your habit, so never quit.



Some tips to Remember:

  • A concentrated mind ables oneself to be more determined and persistent.
  • A concentrated mind helps an individual to collect & gather all available resource for achieving the goal.
  • The more you concentrated at your goal, the more determined you would be.
  • The ultimate result is directly proportional to persistent struggle.
  • Most of the people start their struggle with determination but quit at the verge of outcomes.
  • Results are mostly hidden, so its the obligation on every struggler that he must not Quit.

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