How to Ease the Political, Economic and Social Instability in Pakistan ??

Plan and Execute model: A special decision-making committee or Think Tank has to be established on an emergency basis, in order to cater for the rising internal and external instability in Pakistan.

Nowadays, Every sensible person in our country is desperate because of political, economic, social unrest inside Pakistan and the tension created by the Kashmir dispute at our borders. At least every single Pakistani thinks about the best possible solution for this day by day rising instability in Pakistan. According to analysts, there are long term and short term solutions to every problem.

In this article, we briefly discuss a long term solution to stabilize the political, economic and strategic position of Pakistan.

Our Leading Elite must understand the importance of research and planning in this fastly changing political and strategic environment of our region. We have to think ahead, for the future of Pakistan and for the future of generations to come.

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Pakistan has to plan and adopt consistent policies regarding corruption,law&order, and implementation of law and justice. A Nonpolitical policymaking institution that should research and develop policies is a good and effective long-term solution.

This institution or think tank must consist of effective, loyal and patriotic notables having a clean track record. All provinces and the federal govt should be equally represented in the committee. The best Analysts from Defense, Medical, Education, Economy, Religion, Law, and foreign affairs should be selected.

PM Imran Khan should head this committee. The main role of the committee is policymaking, Policies are made for years to come i.e for 200 years. The role of this committee is totally non-political and the approved policies should be implemented by the Military and Civil Establishment and the Govt as well.

The Purpose of this think tank is to stop the haphazard movement and put our country on one right track.

The initial induction must be done by the army chief and the PM Imran khan without any external or internal interference. The political influence and benefits should not affect the appointments in this committee as any new members should be appointed by the decision of the majority members.

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Such a method must be adopted that any change in govt will have no effect on this think tank/ committee. Study and Follow the examples of successful similar institutions from America and china

This committee should be internally linked, tight enough to the homeland security and integrity, the core cause of its establishment is to safeguard the interest of Pakistan.

In our country, the decisions are made in the light of regional incidents and usually, there is no consistent policy. Geo-Politics decides the future of the people of Pakistan.

R&D and the Plan and Execute model must be adopted on an immediate basis in order to rebuild our national sovereignty.

Even the major economic projects are initiated and rolled back for individual and political benefits.

  • There must be a policy-making institute above all political kinds of stuff, which should look after the benefit of Pakistan and its people.
  • There must be a strong backup from the military and civil establishment for the perfect implementation of these policies.

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Its the duty of our generation to protect Pakistan and it’s sovereignty, we should end the instability in Pakistan, we need thinkers and Implementors rather than corrupt politicians.

The foundation of this country is laid in the name of Islam and this is the homeland of Muslims. We are the protectors and preachers of Islamic ideology, We believe in the oneness of Allah and we believe that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was the Last Prophet of Allah, Our message to the whole world is love and humanity.

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