online railway ticket in pakistan

Pakistan Railway is the cheapest way of traveling, In spite of many shortcomings, it is trusted by Pakistanis all over the country, recently Pakistan Railway has launched a Mobile app for Android and Apple users, Traveller can book a Rail ticket without paying any extra money.

Online Railway Ticket in Pakistan: The mobile app helps to choose the seat and class of your choice without going to the booking office and waiting for your turn in a long queue, of course, it is a very encouraging and sympathetic step by the government, that’s why it’s appreciated by people from all walks of life.

This article covers all the steps for booking a Rail Ticket from your android set or iPhone.

Step: 1

First of all download Pakistan Railway Official app from Google Play store or Apple store.


Step: 2

After Opening the app, the app will automatically update train tables, and the front screen will give you the option to input the desired departure and destination railway stations and the traveling date.

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Step: 3

After putting the information mentioned in step 2, below screen will appear automatically


online railway ticket


it will list all the trains available on your desired day of departure, you can choose the train from this list. It will show the no of seats available and their respective fares, just by clicking on the icon. The app also gives accurate detail of designated no of stops.

Step: 4

After checking the Fare and no of available seats in each class, you have to click again the desired traveling class i.e economy and you will be guided to another screen.

online railway ticket


here you will see the no of coaches in this class and a seat-wise layout of each coach/wagon/bogie, reserved seats are in red color and vacant are colored in green. Choose a bogie and seat and press the “Book Now” button.

Step: 5

In the next step, you will be asked Name, CNIC and the Mobile no of one of the member, if you are traveling in a group.

online railway ticket


Than you choose the payment method, you will be charged nothing if you book a ticket via Jazz cash or Easy paisa mobile account.

3 extra rupees will be charged for paying the fare from Easy paisa shop.10 extra rupees will be charged if you use Debit or credit card.

The easiest way is to use Jazz cash or Easy paisa mobile account.

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In case you use Jazz or easy paisa mobile account, you will be asked to put your mobile account no.

online railway ticket


after successful payment, an SMS from Pakistan Railway will be received on the given mobile no, SMS contains your traveling detail and booking confirmation. Same is sent to you on your email id.

online railway ticket

Now you can book online railway ticket from your mobile anywhere in Pakistan:)))))