Hope : Life ups and down

Remember that the beautiful butterfly was once a cocoon. There is hope as long as there is life . “Being strong is also coming to terms that life is not easy, we may not always be happy and we should let it out for our own well being.” Don’t hold onto anything because you are scared of the future .

If it is not working for you there is a reason for this! Sometimes suffering means that the pot of gold (something very good) after the rainbow will come your way. When we feel sad or think ‘why don,t I have this or that?’ or ‘why am I alone?’ Always think there is someone worse than you. hope for the  best,  Life ups and down are part of life.

We go through life experiencing many pains, struggles, and trials. And even though some of them feel way bigger and more powerful than us, in truth, they aren’t!

There is nothing in this world more powerful than you yourself are. And it is my hope that the words I will share with you today and the meaning behind them will help you, not only to deal with the ups and downs of life but also to see yourself as you truly are: Powerful, Courageous.

Blame is a thief. It robs you of your power and gives it all away – turning the world into your master, and you into a slave.

12 Habits for Good Mental Health

To blame another is to see yourself as helpless, and those you have been blaming as mighty powerful. But you are not a helpless victim, and the world is not your mighty powerful abuser. Reclaim your dignity. Give up on blame. And take back your power.

The ups and downs of life bring us face to face with the parts of us that are in pain; the parts of us that are wounded and in such great need of love and affection.


When pain comes knocking on your door, it’s not to punish you. But to invite you to make room for healing to take place. It comes to show you the way out of pain and into joy, out of fear and into love, and out of darkness into light.


If you feel sad, look for someone to talk to a friend, counselor, significant other get it out!!! It is not of the strong to keep things in. It takes more strength to show yourself vulnerable!! Just trust! Do not keep up appearances that you are so happy if you’re not! This can leave you more empty and sad, I know no one wants to fail, but this is a part of life.

dont lose hope

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look deep within your heart to see the wonderful being you aspire to become and the beautiful life you dream of living.

When you remind yourself that ups and downs are a part of life and your current emotional state is just a temporary part of the journey, you won’t resist the tough part of the ride. Instead you will flow with it, your emotional state will rise and you’ll be on the upswing before you know it.

On the other hand, some of us don’t choose to escape. Some of us, when we feel pressure and stress hold on for dear life and are miserable the entire time. We hold on so tight that we don’t enjoy the ride.



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