Hingol National Park Balochistan

The Hingol national park is situated in Pakistan’s troubled southwestern province of Balochistan. It is mostly famous for the Makran Coastal Highway, which snakes across an inhospitable lunar landscape and passes several bizarre rock formations.

Famous for its amazing landscape and geological wonders, Pakistan is a country that fascinates every traveller. The country’s largest province, Balochistan, alone is home to many intriguing natural sites to visit, including Hingol National Park.

A glimpse of ancient civilization

The park is a large natural reserve that greatly adds to the significance of the province in terms of tourism.This beautiful park gloating over a portion of the country’s most delightful landscape could  just hold the cure to tourism starved Pakistan for it is a place teeming with wildlife, mud volcanoes, rugged rock formations and most importantly its adjacency to the beach only further ensures that it’s a place hard to miss.

This natural reserve is best known for hosting some of the most popular tourist spots in Balochistan.

Princess of Hope

prince of hope

Prince of hope

Lion of hope

lion of baochistan

Hindu Temples

Hindu temple

Natural Oases

Natural oases

Kund Malir Beach

kund malir beach                                                                                                                                               The climate of Hingol National Park mostly stays hot throughout the year, either dry or humid. The area is mostly barren, so the weather in the winter season can be bitterly cold. So, people travelling to this national park in Balochistan are advised to take apparel according to the running weather season along with them.

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