Fitness in the time of Covid

The most important fact to realise in the times of Covid is that being healthy and fit is not just a pandemic trend. To sail through this unprecedented situation, here’s a three-fold plan.

Eat sensibly

When it comes to boosting immunity, Vitamin C has been the hero. The Recommended Dietary Allowances or RDA for Vitamin C for an adult is 90-95 mg/day.

One guava contains 125.6 mg of Vitamin C, a kiwi has 64 mg, an orange 51.1 mg, one bell pepper (red) has about 152 mg and one papaya has 235 mg.

Don’t be Frightened ,Coronavirus will be Over Very Soon…..!!

Overdoing the RDA will only result in toxicity leading to diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pain, gastric issues etc. The trick is to adopt healthy and sustainable eating habits.

Eat healthy in covid

Eat healthy in covid

  1. Start your day with lukewarm lemon water.

2. Eat freshly cooked home-made food only.

3. Include at least two servings of seasonal fruits in your diet.

4. Have dinner at least three hours before your sleeping time.

5. Maintain a healthy body weight but do not go on a crash diet.

6. Take care of your body shape. Beauty can come in all shapes and sizes but health and fitness has got a particular shape.

Zong partners with Shaukat Khanum for Breast Cancer Awareness.

You need to work it out

Include at least 30 minutes of any activity like walking, cycling, swimming or an exercise regimen in your daily routine.



Lifestyle alterations

Small routine changes in your lifestyle go a long way. These are a few you can start with—

1. Enjoy adequate sleep.

2. Get up before the sunrise, look outside, spread your arms and feel the nature. This will improve your brain functioning.

3. Have at least one productive hobby in your life.

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