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ROBLOX is a user-generated gaming site. This means that users can make games that other users can play. ROBLOX allows you to use its game engine and scripting interface to create games of all kinds that other people can play.

The Roblox games are in 3D and use building blocks that could be accurately compared to Lego blocks. These blocks can be customized, resized, positioned and manipulated using the studio.

Games can also contain various other objects, including particles (smoke, fire, etc.) and graphical objects (text labels, buttons, etc.), and users can write scripts to add more functionality to their games.


Most users here both create games and play games, but many only frequently do either of these. While most users do have one or many games they improve regularly and work on, most are not seasoned game developers and they see ROBLOX as a toy rather than as a game development platform.

Roblox Game Development

The games in Roblox are user-created, so that means all users are also potential creators. Roblox allows anyone, even players under the age of 13, to download Roblox Studio and begin designing games. Roblox Studio has built-in tutorials on how to set up games and 3-D worlds for gameplay. The designing tool includes common default backdrops and objects to get you started.

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That does not mean there’s no learning curve. If you want to use Roblox Studio with a younger child, we suggest they will need a lot of scaffolding by having a parent sit with them and work with them to plan and create.

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Older children will find a wealth of resources both within Studio and in the forums to help them develop their talents for game design.

Roblox Is Free, Robux Are Not

Users use here a freemium model. It’s free to make an account, but there are advantages and upgrades for spending money.

The virtual currency in Roblox is known as “Robux,” and you can either pay real money for virtual Robux or accumulate it slowly through gameplay. Robux is an international virtual currency and does not follow a one-to-one exchange rate with US dollars. Currently, 400 Robux cost $4.95. Money goes in both directions, if you’ve accumulated enough Robux, you can exchange it for real-world currency.

In addition to buying Robux, Roblox offers “Roblox Builders Club” memberships for a monthly fee. Each level of membership gives kids an allowance of Robux, access to premium games, and the ability to make and belong to groups.

Robux gift cards are also available at retail stores and online.

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Making Money from Roblox

Don’t think of Roblox as a way to make money. Think of it as a way for children to learn some basics of programming logic and problem solving and as a way to have some fun.

That being said, you should know developers do not earn real money. However, they can be paid in Robux, which can then be exchanged for real-world currency. There have already been a few players who have managed to make considerable real-world money, including a Lithuanian teenager who was reported to have made over $100,000 in 2015. Most developers, however, do not earn that sort of money.
Roblox ceo
David Baszucki


David Baszucki had founded the Knowledge Revolution, a company which concentrated on educational physics and mechanical simulation software. He had been joined by Erik Cassel, who worked with Baszucki on the software.

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Keith Lucas, the current vice president of engineering and operations, had later joined the company in 1997. Afterward, the Knowledge Revolution had been acquired by MSC Software Corporation, and they both left some years after to create ROBLOX, in 2004.

ROBLOX was launched in 2005. The name is a combination of the words “robot” and “blocks”. It started with only some hundreds of users and, today, it has many millions of users, and it is still growing.



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