Mehmood-Khan-cabinet meeting -Ice

The provincial cabinet on Monday cleared the draft of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Control of Narcotics Substances Bill 2019 which proposes death sentence or life imprisonment for people found possessing more than one kilogram of methamphetamine, popularly known as ice.

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After the cabinet meeting, K-P Information Minister Shaukat Ali Yousafzai and CM’s Adviser on Merged Districts Ajmal Wazir told a press conference that K-P Control of Narcotics Substances Bill 2019 proposes severe penalties for those involved in the business, trafficking and use of narcotics with special focus on methamphetamine popularly known by the street name of ice.

Death penalty on posseion of Ice crystals

They said that in order to eliminate the use of ice in educational institutions, the law proposed a penalty of two-year imprisonment and fine or both if ice up to 50 grams was found in someone’s possession, for more than 50 grams and less than 100 grams, three-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs500,000 to 100,000, for more than 100 grams and less than one kilogram, seven-year imprisonment and an Rs100,000 to Rs300,000 fine.

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Similarly, judges could award death sentence or life imprisonment if the accused was found in possession of more than one kilogram besides a fine of Rs0.5 million to Rs1 million.