Chitral’s Tourist Attraction in Singoor ,Falls After 200 Years

The historical tree of white mulberry in Singoor village of Chitral town fell to the ground as strong winds continue to lash the valley for the last two days. The tree has already completed its physical age of 200 years.

Chitral’s Tourist Attraction Falls : The tree has already completed its physical age of 200 years, dwarfing all the trees in the village, it was known as boekan mrach (the mulberry of birds) and had attained the height of about 100 feet, covering a circular area of over 20 feet radius

A glimpse of ancient civilization

A local stated that the tree had been very important in the olden days. It had boosted the food requirement of silk larvae during the winters for silk harvesting in the spring.The landmark mulberry tree had withstood floods, become a tourist attraction, and remained a point for social gatherings for the villagers.

Chitral’sTourist Attraction Falls

Chitral Valley

The area elders said that as per tradition and tales transmitted orally from the past, its sapling was planted during the rule of Muhtaram Shah Katur II (1792 to 1837), the 10th ruler of Katur dynasty.

Hingol National Park Balochistan

Chitral's Tourist Attraction

Courtesy “Chitral News”

They said the ownership of the land and the tree standing on it went on changing hands, but no one chopped it partially or solely and it kept on growing both vertically and horizontally, finally becoming an icon of the village and Chitral’s Tourist Attraction .

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