Cape Monze Beach Karachi – A Perfect Tourist Point

There are many exceptional views and incredible sights in Karachi that cannot be missed. Cape Monze Beach is one of the most ravishing beaches offering a unique setting with valuable excursion value.

Cape Monze Beach is also known as Cape Mount Beach, it is located at the Arabian Sea, near the Hub River and the Gadani Beach. It is typically 80 km from Karachi on the Arabian Sea coast and sometimes also referred to as Ras Mauri.

Cape Monze, or Mount, as it’s locally called, is a beach near Karachi surrounded by a hill where people can climb and get a great view of the horizon and the dark blue sea. It’s also home to endangered species like dolphins, whales and turtles. Cape Monze Beach is the ideal place.

There is no doubt that our lives are way too bustling and hectic, and treating yourself with some unwinding opportunities to relax the tiring soul is one of the most essential aspects of human life. Everyone needs a positive vibe and viable energy to smoothly calm down the psyche, mind, body and the soul.

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There is no doubt that Cape Mount Beach is one of the most spectacular tourist points in Karachi. People from all over the world love to visit this beautiful beach with their friends and families. It is nearly impossible to forget even a glimpse of this heaven on the Earth beach.

Right from the highland, after parking your vehicle, you can witness a sensational long stretching pristine beach and once you get down near the shore getting through mountain rifts, the spectacular beach becomes an experience for you that will stay with you forever.cape mount karachi

There are a lot of activities at the beach that can help you in rejuvenating your lost energy such as riding at the back of a camel with your friends, having a long horse ride, or enjoying the beach buggies and racing around the coastline. In addition to the beauty and amazement of the beach, the coastline also offers offshore fish nurseries.


It is a perfect spot for enjoying picnics with families, friends, or even for university or college trips. The excursion value of the place is way too high with cool and calm surroundings and incredible marine life including colorful fishes. Cape Monze Beach is a must-visit spot this summer to unwind and relax in the true spirit of nature.

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