Abida is sewing hand-made beautiful footballs along the road in Islamabad, Pakistan. She is forced by poverty to this laborious job for fulfilling the needs of her four children and paralyzed husband. Now a childhood skill is her “bread and butter”.

Islamabad: Brave lady, Abida is determined that she will succeed in overcoming her miseries, she daily sits at a roadside point in Blue area Islamabad from 7 am to 4 pm, and make 4 to 5 footballs.

Sometimes she managed to sell 3 footballs and some days passes with no luck, but she is optimistic and believes in the struggle.


38 years old, Abida has 3 daughters and a son, she learned this skill, during her school days. She is thankful to her parents and Allah and has no complaints about anyone.

She never came out of her house, even for shopping, every need was fulfilled by her parents and after marriage, her husband takes care of all household essentials.

A Message from Brave Lady .

Her husband ran into an accident and they have to take a heavy loan for his medical needs, soon after his recovery, he got a severe Paralysis attack and was paralyzed.

Brave lady Abida tried to make both ends meet by taking a loan, at last, she took a brave step and decided to help her family with her long learned skill.

She is under the debt of Rs.8 lac and has no one else to help her out in these circumstances.

Brave Lady Abida

There was a time when her children were attending school and were very bright students but the harsh-less circumstances forced them to quit their studies.

Brave Lady, Abida is very hopeful that one day she will manage to return the loan and her children will continue their studies.

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Brave Lady Abida sewing football.

Her appeals to Govt is to provide her a small house, so instead of sitting on the road, she can continue this work form her own place. She wants the government to help her out in returning the loan.

Brave Lady Abida checking football after completion.

We are playing our part in spreading her voice nationwide, it’s our responsibility to help her in this hard time and bring a sigh of relief for brave lady Abida and her Family.

Note: You can help her by buying footballs, any sports goods manufacturer can give regular orders of hand-made footballs, the Sports shop owner can buy a lot of footballs from her or you can just share and spread the message as far as you can.

 (With Courtesy to BBC Urdu and VOA.) 

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