Ahad, I have to admit that there’s nobody like you: Sajal Aly

Ahad and Sajal ali in Daram

Taking to Instagram, Aly praised Mir’s performance as Hamlet. The language, the emotions, the impact of the character was so well portrayed.

Ahad and Sajal in drama Aangan

Out of all the performances of any actor I’ve ever witnessed, your Hamlet was easily one of the BEST. Please bring the show to Pakistan so that everyone can see the finest actor we have.

Original Post by Sajal Aly

This isn’t the first time the Aangan co-stars have supported each other. Previously, talking about their latest venture together, Mir commented that Aly’s role as Chammi is her best performance to date.

Ahad and Sajal Aly

Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir has recently played an iconic role of ‘Hamlet’ in a play ‘Hamlet: A Ghost Story’ in Vertigo Theatre, Canada. The actor has once again gives an outstanding performance which has left everyone talking.

Before appearing on the Pakistani television, Ahad had been playing in theatres in Calgary. He also studied acting at the University of Calgary.

Ahad Raza Mir Performing in Hemlet



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